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Classic Bike Servicing


Chat to us about your bikes issues, and lets make a plan

to get you, and your bike back on the open road

Bike wont Start?

This could be a number of reasons, we will start with the basics and track down your non starting problem - then get it sorted to get you back on the road

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Bike Recommissioning 

Bought a Project bike that you just haven't gotten around to getting it running, or has your bike been in storage for a while, we can help you to get it back on the road with a full recommission from the sharp end to the blunt end - (** Recommissioning - not restoration)

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Tracing Charging Faults

All too a common problem, flat battery, bad connections, corroded terminals, magneto issues, Give me Power Laddie! let us trace your charging issues and get it corrected 

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Running Rough?

Carburettor issues, bad fuel, incorrect and or dirty carbs, carb settings, fuel starvation, contaminated fuel, - there could be a host of individual issues or a combination of these problems - once again we will get back to basics and clean and sort it out.

General Service 

Maintaining and keeping your bike in a safe and reliable condition is essential to your safety and peace of mind - let us carry out your annual service at an affordable cost and avoid stressful breakdowns 

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Electronic Ignition Conversion

Nothing worse than getting all geared up up for a ride on a great day - then - Bike Won't Start!! - Lets make your life a little easier and hopefully your bike more reliable 

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Contact Man Cave Bikes

Man Cave Bikes

Ford Lane - Ford

BN180EF - West Sussex

07767 476 590

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Thank you for your message, we will get back to you ASAP, or please feel free to give me a call 

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